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Product characteristics

Mahit is a chisel plower used to tear the surface level of the soil and loosen the soil up to 60 cm deep. Such an operation lets the water soak in more effectively and makes the soil absorb more sair. As an effect, the plants establish a deeper root system which makes them grow stronger and faster.

Brona talerzowa Titanum Heavy

The usage of Mahit

Standard equipment

  • Tine legs with side tines
  • Shear screw security
  • Double spiked roller
  • Hook cat. III
  • Hydraulic working depth adjustment
  • Blue colour

Additional equipment

  • Hydraulic security
  • Lighting with warning signs
  • Side screens
  • Roller (see rollers page)
  • Custom painting

Mahit photo gallery

Mahit parameters

Technical parameters Units MH250 MH300
Working width mm 2500 3000
Transporting width mm 2500 3000
Length mm 3350 3350
Weight kg 1750 2100
Maximal working depth mm 550 550
No. of tines pc. 5 7
Span of tines mm 400 400
No. of rows of tines pc. 2 2
Span of rows mm 1050 1050
Frame clearance mm 875 875
Power demand HP 180 200

Our machines in action

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