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Product characteristics

TYTAN Plow deep plower is a modern machine suitable for agricultural land development such as deep cultivation from 40 up to 65 cm. The biggest advantages of TYTAN Plow are its solid construction and functionality. Bent tines are less resistant in the soil compared to straight tines. Additionaly, it does not lift the soil up thus not destroying the soil structure. TYTAN Plow ensures an excellent penetration of lower layers of soil, loosening the old tillage layer and creation of air capillaries the soil. To protect the machine against overload, there is a shear screw safety present or a NON-STOP spring protection. TYTAN Plow is available in two versions: 1.8m and 3 m.

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The usage of TYTAN Plow

Standard equipment

  • Type “Michel” tines
  • Hook cat. II / III
  • Blue colour

Additional equipment

  • Lighting with warning lights
  • Roller (see roller page)
  • Hydraulic working depth adjustment
  • Custom painting

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Tytan Plow parameters

Technical parameters Units TP180 TP300
Working width mm 1800 3000
Transporting width mm 1800 3000
Length mm 1260 1260
Weight kg 950 1200
Maximal working depth mm 550 550
No. of tines pc. 4 6
Span of tines mm 460 460
No. of rows of tines pc. 1 1
Span of rows mm n.d. n.d.
Frame clearance mm 850 850
Wheels mm 80×12 80×12
Power demand HP 150 180

Tytan Plow in action

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