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Product characteristics

Multipack is a sowing and cultivating aggregate equipped with a hydropack, which can be connected to a sower and enables pre-sowing works and sowing to be done during one use. Hydropack is equipped with one hydraulic cylinder. The handles connected tot he sower can be adjusted steplessly. On light soils and at appropriate working pace, the machine can be used for post-sowing works as well.

Brony talerzowe MultiPack

The usage of Multipack disc harrow

Standard equipment

  • Lubricated hub Toothed discs 560 mm
  • Flat bar roller or tube bar roller, diameter 500 mm
  • Hook cat. II
  • Blue painting
  • Hydropack

Additional equipment

  • Lighting with warning signs
  • Standard side panels
  • Swinging side panels
  • Maintenance-free hub
  • Roller (more info in roller page)
  • Front / back scraper
  • Hydraulic working depth adjustment
  • Transporting trolley Custom painting
  • Brake system
  • LED lighting

Multipack disc harrow photo gallery

Multipack disc harrow parameters

Technical parameters Unit MP250 MP300
Working width mm 2500 3000
Transporting width mm 2800 2980
Length mm 2500 2500
Weight kg 1350 1500
Maximal working depth mm 120 120
Rubber overload protection mm 35 35
Disc diameter mm 560 560
No. of discs pc. 20 24
Span of discs mm 250 250
Span of rows mm 700 700
Frame clearance mm 600 600
Power demand HP 80 105

Multipack disc harrow in action

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