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Product characteristics

Campbell mounted roller is meant for seedbed preparation. It is connected to the front three-point hitch of a tractor in order to prepare the soil for sowing. By default, it is equipped with cast iron wheels diameter 800mm, hardness GGG50. Big mass, diameter and the angle of cutting let the particularly hard soils to be crushed into smaller bits and let the surface levels of soil to be densened. It prevents the water from vaporizing and gives better crops in return.

Frontplaner Campbell

The usage of Campbell Frontplaner

Standard equipment

  • Cast iron wheels diameter 800 mm
  • Kickstand (support) leg
  • Pendolous system

Additional equipment

  • Crossboard drag
  • Double row of front soil looseners

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Frontplaner Campbell parameters

Technical parameters Unit CBL250 CBL300
Working width mm 2500 3000
Transporting width mm 2500 3000
Length mm 120 120
Weight kg 900/1200 1050/1400
No. of rings pc. 15 18
Angle of cutting ° 30 30
Diameter mm 700/800 700/800

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