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Product characteristics

Viral roller is meant to densen the surface level of soil right after tillaging and before or after sowing. It is particularly useful on loam-rich fields where the machine excellently crushes the tillage ridges while simultaneously densening and equalizing the surface layer of the soil. It is equipped with cambridge type rings. Thanks to a unique profile, the rings of the roller come into the ground and make its surface denser.

Wał dogniatający Viral

The usage of Viral

Standard equipment

  • Cambridge rings diameter 500 mm
  • Transporting trolley
  • Hydraulic working depth adjustment
  • Lighting with warning signs
  • Blue colour

Additional equipment

  • Crossboard drag
  • Brake system
  • Custom painting

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Viral parameters

Technical parameters Units VRL620 VRL830
Working width mm 6200 8300
Transporting width mm 2530 2530
Length mm 6050 6050
Weight kg 4000 4950
No. of cast iron rings pc. 60 80
No. of toothed rings pc. 57 76
Diameter mm 500 500
Power demand HP 150 170

Viral in action

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