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Product characteristics

The Euroculti aggregate is meant for complex soil loosening and comminution. Paired with an appropriate drag it can be used for seedbed preparation after tillaging as well as in stubble cultivation. A great advantage of this aggregate machine are five rows of working tooth sets which decrease the risk of clogging and simultaneously profile and loosen the soil. The leveller – a levelling drag placed in front of the roller equalizes the terrain after tillaging perfectly. The working teeth are by default equipped with an anti-overload system, which allows the machine to be used on heavy soils.

Agregat uprawowy Euroculti

The usage of Euroculti aggregate

Standard equipment

  • Teeth 45×12
  • Leveller
  • Transporting trolley with a drawbar
  • Hook cat. II / III
  • Trolley wheels 400/60-15,5
  • Lighting with warning signs
  • Feeler wheels 10.0/80-12
  • Tubular roller
  • Blue colour

Additional equipment

  • K80 ball hook
  • Feeler wheels 400/60-15,5
  • Crossboard front leveller
  • LED lighting
  • Custom painting

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Euroculti parameters

Technical parameters Unit EC 500 EC 600
Working width mm 5000 6000
Transporting width mm 2900 2900
Length mm 7100 7100
Weight kg 3500 4000
Maximal working depth mm 150 150
Tines mm 45×12 45×12
No. of tines pcs. 40 48
Span of tines mm 130 130
No. of rows of tines szt. 5 5
Span of rows mm 460 460
Frame clearance mm 560 560
Power demand HP 160 180

Euroculti in action

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