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Product characteristics

Kokos aggregate is designed mainly to cultivate the spaces between rows of grapevines in vineyards and orchards. Available in working widths from 1,25 m to 1,75 m. The compact construction allows the aggregate to be maneuvered in between the rows of vines or on headlands. The tines can be equipped with a straight tine or a “goose foot” tine. There are three rollers available to be attached to the machine.

Uprawa winorośli Kokos

The usage of Kokos

Standard equipment

  • Spring tines 25×25
  • Tubular roller
  • Three-point hitch, hook cat. I
  • Blue colour

Additional equipment

  • Lighting with warning signs
  • Roof ring roller 500 mm
  • Flat bar roller 500 mm
  • Tubular or flat bar roller with a rebar
  • Custom painting

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Kokos parameters

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