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Product characteristics

A specialistic, slurry container which can be used as a field reservoir. In our offer there are 50, 70 and 90 cubic meter containers available. They are adapted to be filled either from above or below. They are covered with a special epoxy paint in the inside and on the outside. The container is welded in the inside and on the outside. The containers are also equipped with a 6-inch suction pipe available to be docked to a suction hydraulic arm, viewfinder hole on the rear wall and with a 6-inch KKM connection. Container walls are specifically bent in a way that ensures the walls are protected from the inside pressure of the liquid properly. By default, the containers are equipped with a ball hook KB80. An additional option is a self-cleaning system which allows the sediment on the bottom of the container to be pumped off by shaking it. It can also be equipped with a suction-piston pump on the front wall of the container. Slurry containers have the european homologation.

Kontener na gnojowice

Liquid manure containers photo gallery

KG 52M container – 8280 kg

It is a specialized container adapted to apply the liquid manure through a hose system. Its frame is constructed in a way that enables a highly effective liquid manure pump to be mounted in the front part. The pump is powered by a power-takeoff roller by connecting it to e.g. a tractor. It can be additionally equipped with a suction-piston pump on the front or rear wall of the container and with a self-cleaning system.
Currently this construction is in the test phase for development and research for 3.2.2 Smart Growth Operational Programme. Serial production of the container is planned for 2022.

Liquid manure container parameters

Technical parameters Units KG-45 KG-52-M KG-70 KG-90
Total length mm 8830 11990 11950 11950
Total height mm 3830 3850 3850 4000
Total width mm 2550 2550 2550 3000
Curb weight kg 5200 8800 6500 7300
Gross vehicle mass kg 6000 9300 7500 8500

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