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Product characteristics

Vibrocut disc harrow is meant for both shallow and deep stubble cultivation. (Mixing postharvest remnants, manure etc). It is perfect for rapeseed fields and fields with corn stubble. There are 2 kinds of springs in use:

  • For light soils – 35×35
  • For heavy soils – 40×40

It is equipped with 630 mm discs which can excellently abrade the working surface with just 7 cm thanks to an aggressive angle of attack of the blade. Maximal working depth is 18 cm.

Brony talerzowe Vibrocut

The usage of Vibrocut

Standard equipment

  • Maintenance-free hub
  • Toothed discs 630 mm
  • Tube bar roller or flat bar roller, diameter 500 mm
  • Suppression panel
  • Hydraulic working depth regulation
  • Hook cat. II / III
  • Blue colour

Additional equipment

  • Lighting with warning signs
  • Roller (more info in roller page)
  • Front / back scraper
  • Custom painting

Vibrocut disc harrow photo gallery

Vibrocut disc harrow parameters

Technical parameters Unit VC300
Working width mm 3000
Transporting width mm 2900
Length mm 2990
Weight kg 1900
Maximal working depth mm 200
Disc diameter mm 630
No. of discs szt. 22
Span of discs mm 250
Span of rows mm 1050
Frame clearance mm 680
Power demand PS 150

Vibrocut disc harrow in action

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