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Product characteristics

Winedisc harrow is designed for vineyards and orchards. It is available in working widths 1-2 m. Driving between the rows of grapevines are made easy thanks to a compact construction which is approx. 170 cm long. Side screens prevent the soil from spilling out from the working area and keep the surroundings of the plants clean. There are three kinds of rollers available with the machine. Vario version enables the side discs to be dismounted thus making the working may be changed from 115 cm to 165 cm. We do also produce special versions meant for hop farming with working width 200 cm.

Uprawa winorośli Winedisc

The usage of Winedisc

Standard equipment

  • Toothed discs 560 mm
  • Lubricated hub
  • Side screens
  • Tubular roller
  • Blue colour

Additional equipment

  • Lighting with warning lights
  • Maintenance-free hub
  • Roof ring roller 500 m
  • Flat bar roller
  • Tubular or flat bar roller with a rebar
  • Custom painting

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